Routine and Non-Routine WorkSheets/WorkCard

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Routine and Non-Routine WorkSheets/WorkCard

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By default when a Work Order is is opened in CAFAM, the Tasks that are entered are by default expected to contain just the header information for the Routine items. For example, a "100HR CHECK" would be single task where the breakdown of the actual items that comprise the 100 HR CHECK are a separate pre-printed document. It then follows that all "Out-of-Phase" items and subsequest "Defects found" are simply added to this Job Number to follow one from each other. When it comes to printing the actual Worksheet/WorkCard, you would still have the choice in the type of template you intend to use i.e. 4 items to the page or 1 item to the page (as required). See separate Topic called "Printing WorkSheets/WorkCards" for further details.

These notes have been prepared for those Organisations who prefer to enter all the Routine items as individual tasks, print and control these separately from the Non-Routine items where these Non-Routine items are a separate Work Order. It explains how best this can be accomplished

For further details and screen shots please see the attachment
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