Reliability Reporting

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Reliability Reporting

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CAFAM generates Reporting for "Reliability Reports". There are two types of data that is gathered that forms your Reliability Report. They are:

(a) Component Changes - Everytime you make a Component change from TECH SERVCS (Acft Recs) > AIRCRAFT FILE > COMPONENT CONTROL the process of removing the Component generates a removal record. Those Components removed as a consequence of an "UnScheduled Removal" form the basis of the "Component Reliability Report".

(b) Defect Occurrences - These are defects that have been entered from the TECH SERVCS (Acft Recs) > DEFECT ANALYSIS > ENTER/EDIT DEFECT (or from the other screens that connect directly in here). Defects are grouped together by the ATA Chapter they belong to and form the basis of the Reporting.

In both cases the Reporting covers a specific Part Number (if so required) or a specific Aircraft. The basis of the report is the number of occurrences over a period in time e.g . the default prompts you for 3 occurrences over a 30 day period. You of course have the option to change these to suit

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